Dog Raw Mince

At Pet Essentials we believe raw meat should make up an important part of your cats’ and dogs’ diet, as they need to eat raw meat to be healthy as nature intended. Nature designed dogs and cats to hunt for their food, and to eat the whole carcass of their prey in order to get the full range of nutrients they need for good health. Our blends have all the raw essentials goodness your dog or cat needs.

In their natural wild environment they do not forage for grains or vegetables. They get those by eating other animals that have pre-digested those types of nutrients for them. In a modern urban environment a healthy, natural diet can be emulated by feeding your carnivore cat or dog a diet rich in raw meaty bones, green tripe, organs and the tissue of other animals such as rabbit, possum, veal, venison, chicken, beef or lamb.

Your dog or cat will develop a healthy digestive system, glossy coat and become noticeably more content.

Many vets in New Zealand and overseas are now seeing the benefits of natural, raw diets.

Our meats are raw, preservative free and are presented for you to use easily. We have meat already diced for your convenience or minced and packaged as blocks or medallions. All you need to do is defrost as much as your pet will need at any one sitting.

All Pet Essentials stores carry their own individual ranges of meat products. Although the range will vary from store to store the combinations you will find in most stores are

  • Beef mince

  • Diced beef

  • Steak & kidney

  • Chicken Mince

  • Heart & chicken mince

  • Chicken necks

  • Venison mince

  • Diced venison

  • Mutton Mince

  • Brisket Bones

Many stores also stock a range of Real Thing Raw product – available in chicken, beef and veal flavours.