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Andis Pro Detachable Blade Clipper EBC II 2 Speed

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The Andis EBCII (EBC2) 2 Speed Clipper is a professional grade, detachable blade A5 style clipper with 2 speed rotary motor. For professional salon use, beginners and home use. Ideal upgrade from 'pet grade' clippers, especially if you find your clippers prevent you from using other blades or comb attachments (A5 style: compatible with all A5 type blades and combs). 2 speeds: a quieter, cooler-running 2,700 SPM and faster 3,400 SPM.  Rated for all dog coat types and sizes.

408 grams housing with storage hook. Cooler-running 2 speed motor reduces risk of blade burn. 4 plastic clip-on comb attachments included for longer coat lengths: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm lengths. Fits all universal comb attachments for coat lengths up to 3cm (available separately). Also includes Andis UltraEdge #10 blade (1.5mm). Fits all A5 style blades by Wahl, Andis, Geib, Oster, Heiniger etc - or clip on any universal comb attachment that fits a #10 blade. 10 foot / 3 metre power cord. Made in the USA with 1 year NZ warranty.  

Note: Small Andis Clipper Oil included, however we recommend purchasing the full-size Andis Clipper Oil as blades must be regularly oiled before use and storage. Watch the how to oil video and check the clipper essentials list so you have everything you need.

Motor: Two speed rotoary motor. 
Strokes per minute: 2,700 | 3,400.
Weight: 408 gms.
Cool running: No annoying air vents which can blow hair in your face.
Maintenance free: No oiling or greasing of internal parts.
Blades: Detachable blades for ease of changing and cleaning.
Convenience: Cord length 3 metres.
Includes Small Andis clipper oil, spare blade drive assembly.
240 V.
Professional duty rating.

Please read the Clipper Operating Instructions included in the box

For home users: Please consult a professional / experienced groomer / breeder as to which blade is ideal for different body areas, or use a quality comb set for beginner groomers. For non-professional groomers we recommend the following steps for successful grooming:

Step 1: Brush & wash first. Always brush out mats before bathing. Shampoo & condition, then rinse well to remove all sand, dirt, debris & any uninvited guests!

Step 2: Dry: The coat must be completely dry before clipping. Towel dry then use a hand held dryer - not on hot.

Step 3: Comb. Remove any remaining knots with a slicker or rake before clipping.

Step 4: Clip: If you followed all 3 steps, you're ready for clipping. Not brushing, washing, drying and combing before clipping can quickly blunt your blade. Remember to re-oil the blade regularly while grooming for a smooth cut and to reduce blade heat. Always oil blades before storage (watch the how to video).

Important: Failure to wash, dry & comb prior to clipping is likely to blunt blades quickly (blunt blades are not covered by the clipper warranty). After use - Wipe loose hair from the blade and oil before storing. Storage - As with all clippers and trimmers: clipper must be hung up securely by the metal hook provided on the clipper - or laid down with the cord extended (never bunch, wrap or fold the cord over/around the clipper and never bend the cord where it connects to the clipper). Incorrect storage may result in internal damage to the cord (not covered by warranty).