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Aqua One AR850 AR980 AR980T UFO700 4I Impeller

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Aqua One AR850 AR980 AR980T UFO700 Powerhead 4I Impeller Set

A Brand new Aqua One 4i Impeller set for use in the Aqua One AquaStyle 850 AR850 AquaStyle 980 AR980 and UFO700 aquariums. These are the only moving part in your filter pump and make millions of revolutions every single day, three hundred and sixty five days of the year - wear is inevitable and you should fit a new impeller every year to prevent unwanted filter failure. Its cheap insurance and will insure continuing filter performance... These can give up the ghost suddenly so don't say we didn't warn you!

Original Aqua One replacement impeller for

Aqua One AquaStyle 850 / 980 / 980T Aquarium

Aqua One UFO770 Aquarium

To fit new style AR850 / AR980 / UFO700 (motor with square indents) 25004I

Suitable for Coldwater, Freshwater Tropical & Saltwater

Colour: Black/white