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Venison Marshmallow Bites 100g

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Our Venison Lung Marshmallow Bites are a crunchy treat that your dog will not be able to resist!

Made of 100% Venison with no other preservatives these bite sized treats are air-dried for flavour and packed with protein.

They contain no corn, wheat or soy, no animal by-products, and no artificial flavours or preservatives & are sourced from New Zealand based suppliers.

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  • All natural premium healthy treats. No chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Made from a single ingredient; 100% Venison lung is packed with protein.
  • Completely digestible and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect healthy snack for dogs with delicate stomachs or allergies.
  • Low in fat and high in antioxidants. These crunchy, bite sized chunks promote dental health and hygiene.